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Lunchroom Assistance

* Assist K-1st grade students in the lunchroom (moving through the lunch line, opening milk cartons & lunch containers)

* Location: modular building

* When:11:00 AM to 11:45 AM

* Once a week commitment

* This activity requires a CPS Volunteer Registration 

* Please contact Michelle Sherman once you've completed the volunteer approval process

Wednesday Workday 

* Help with teacher projects and meet other parents.

* Location: main building/teacher's lounge

* When: begins at 9:00 AM

* Sign in at the security desk

* Bring anything easily shareable, homemade or store bought. Treats are not limited to food.
  As a guideline, bring treats for 40-50 people in the main building 20 in the modular building.
  You do not have to supply treats for every single person. Bring what feels comfortable to you.
  Feel free to buddy up with another family
* Location: Pulaski Teachers' Lounges. The office in each building can direct you.

* When: Friday mornings

* This activity does not require a CPS Volunteer Registration.


* Coaches are always needed!

* Reach out if you'd like to coach 7/8th grade basketball (November start), soccer (spring sport), or flag football (spring sport).

* Please contact Michelle Sherman.

Kiss n Go

* Supervise children during morning drop-off.

* Location: Either the Dickens or Leavitt side building entrances.

* When: 8:20 AM to 8:50 AM 

* Once a week commitment.

* This activity requires a CPS Volunteer Registration 

* Please contact Lezlie Mackie once you've completed volunteer approval process.

Recess Assistance

* Help the recess supervisors keep an eye on kids at recess

* Location: blacktop, middle playground, or Leavitt side playground

* When: anytime within Pulaski's recess time of 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

* Once a week commitment

* This activity requires a CPS Volunteer Registration 

Please contact Michelle Sherman once you've completed volunteer approval process.

Committee Membership

* Each year we host multiple fundraisers & community events, including our Block Party, Fun Run, Saber Soiree, and a K-2nd Grade Spring Fling Dance.

* If you are interested in learning more about joining any of these volunteer committees, please contact Luann Ray.

Grant Writing

* If you have any grant writing experience or just have a desire to help us research opportunities, we would love to hear from you. 

* If interested in grant writing, please contact Luann Ray.


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