About the Friends of Pulaski

Friends of Pulaski is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) comprised of parent and community volunteers charged with volunteering and raising money to support high-quality educational programming for all the students at Pulaski. 


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Turf Campaign

Coming soon!

Refined drawings from the CPS architect of record

The Friends of Pulaski have some amazing news to share. As you know, a big issue at the school from a safety and functional outdoor space perspective has been the condition of our school grounds. With the guidance of Principal Racasi, we announced last year that we would endeavor to raise the funds for the first phase of improving the school grounds, to remove the asphalt from the west side of the school and replace it with a turf play space. This increases the usability of the area and provides a safe place to play, before, during and after school.

While still raising and spending money on other important school initiatives, such as moving towards a one to one computer/student ratio, a majority of our recent fundraisers have been toward building the funds needed to achieve this goal. Our various fundraising committees (Fun Run and PWAP specifically) have done some incredible work to help build those coffers. Additionally, our Turf Committee (Jamie Ayers, Bob Fox and Michele O’Connor) have been working diligently, behind the scenes, with Alderman Waguespack and CPS to secure the additional funds needed.

So, here’s the incredible news! Through a combination of FOP Funds, Aldermanic OSIF (Open Space Improvement Funds), Aldermanic Menu Funds and Capital Improvement Funds from CPS we are in striking distance not only of turfing the blacktop but also of a sorely needed improvement of the Leavitt Street playground as well.

The blacktop will be converted into a multisport turf field with a running track, along with multiple fitness stations at the corners and a quiet play space. The Leavitt Street playground will be getting a huge makeover too, with additional play-spaces and the addition of new playground equipment. We will be breaking ground immediately after school closes for the summer and CPS expects to have the entire project completed by first day of school of fall 2020!

The estimated price-tag for this entire project is $1.6 million. And we’re only $100,000 away! So, how can you help us close that gap? Buy your ticket today for the Friends of Pulaski Annual Party with a Purpose. If you can’t make it to the party, you can still participate in the fundraising by bidding on the online auction items, or buying tickets at the in-school raffles.

Last year through all of these methods PWAP raised $85,000. If we all chip in, we can exceed the $100,000 needed this year and close the final gap to make this happen!