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Board Meetings

Please join us! The Friends of Pulaski meet the third Wednesday of every month* at 7:00 PM at the middle playground, auditorium, or school library. These meetings are open to everyone. Friends of Pulaski welcome and encourage the participation of parents, community members, teachers, and neighbors. You can contact an FOP board member to have an item placed on the agenda. You can also attend meetings and speak at the open forum at every regular meeting.

*there are some exceptions to this date due to the school calendar. 

Meeting Date
Minutes/Presentation Deck

May 17, 2023

9am Auditorium

April 19, 2023

9am Auditorium

March 15, 2023

9am Auditorium

February 15, 2023

9am Library

January 18, 2023

9am Auditorium

December 21, 2022

9am Auditorium

November 16, 2022

9am Auditorium

October 19, 2022

9am Middle Playground

September 21, 2022

7pm Middle Playground


August 23, 2022

7pm Middle Playground

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