Volunteer Descriptions

Kiss n Go

* Supervise children during morning drop-off

* You will be assigned to either the Dickens or Leavitt side building entrances

* Time: 8:20 AM to 8:50 AM 

* Once a week commitment

* This activity requires a CPS Volunteer Registration. 

* Please contact Michele O'Connor once you've completed your form

Recess Assistance

* Help the recess supervisors keep an eye on kids at recess

* You will be assigned to one of these locations: blacktop, middle playground, or

  Leavitt side playground

* You may work anytime within Pulaski's recess time of 11:00 AM tto 1:00 PM

* Once a week commitment

* This activity requires a CPS Volunteer Registration

Please contact Michele O'Connor once you've completed your form

Lunchroom Assistance

* Assist K-1st grade students in the lunchroom (mainly opening milk cartons and lunch containers)

* Located in the modular building

* Time 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM

* Once a week committment

* This activity requires a CPS Volunteer Registration 

* Please contact Michele O'Connor once you've completed your form

Wednesday Workday 

* Help with teacher projects (making copies, cutting, organizing, etc.)

* Located in the modular building

* Begins at 9:00 AM

* A great way to meet other Pulaski parents

Teacher Treats

* Every Friday morning a volunteer brings a special treat for teachers

* Treats can be homemade or store bought

* Bring two sets of treats: One for the main building (40-50 people) and one for the modular building (15-20 people)

* Disposable plates/trays are welcome, or come back later in the day to retrieve

* Treats are served in the Pulaski Teachers' Lounges. The office in each building can direct you

* This activity does not require a CPS Volunteer Registration

Committee Membership

* Each year we host multiple fundraisers and community events, including our Block Party, Fun Run, Party with a Purpose, and new Kindergarten-2nd Grade Dance

* If you are interested in learning more about joining any of these volunteer committees, please contact Melinda Green, our Fundraising & Events Chair

Grant Writing

* If you have any grant writing experience or just have a desire to help us research opportunities, we would love to hear from you. 

* Contact Luann Ray if interested in grant writing


About the Friends of Pulaski

Friends of Pulaski is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) comprised of parent and community volunteers charged with volunteering and raising money to support high-quality educational programming for all the students at Pulaski. 


Click    .        to be directed to the Pulaski International School of Chicago website.

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