Money donated to Friends of Pulaski goes to projects and programs that support Pulaski International School. Donors can feel comfortable knowing that contributions are managed with professionalism and full transparency.   The distribution of donated funds is coordinated in conjunction with parents, the Local School Council and Principal Bedard.

Please donate what you can to ensure that all Pulaski students receive outstanding academic and extracurricular services.

You may donate in two ways.

Recurring Donation

A recurring donation allows you to specify an amount to be paid from your credit card on a monthly basis.   Recurring donations are an excellent way to provide an ongoing level of support.   Fundraising involves considerable volunteer time.  By creating a recurring donation you enable volunteers to spend time on other activities in support of Pulaski.   Recurring donations also provide a more stable cash flow which is of great benefit to the LSC and Principal Bedard when planning future school expenditures.

You have the ability to modify or cancel your recurring donation automatically via this website at any time.

If possible, please consider a recurring donation.

One Time Donation

You may make a one time donation of any amount.   As named, your donation amount will be processed one time and will not recur.

Other Information

Donations can be made with most major credit cards and are processed via a secure, encrypted connection.  Your credit card information is stored by the credit card processor and is not held by Friends of Pulaski.

The amount of your donation is not released publicly.

May donate by check or money order (no cash please!).  Checks should be payable to ‘Friends of Pulaski’ and can be left with Myra Diaz in the Main Office.

Friends of Pulaski is a 501c3 tax exempt corporation.

If you have any other questions please send us an email:

Thank you for your support!  Click here to make your donation.